Whoami? I’m a freelance web application developer, and photography hobbyist. I enjoy the full process of making apps and work on Linux Terminal, also enjoy all things about technology. I spend my days with programming as well as teaching. My favorite quotes is:

Why so serious? Life is simple, when you live simply!

I am the only one of STMIK PASIM System Administrator, now also managing Sukabumi government servers. My job is to make all the system running. When I’m not making apps or teaching, I love to meetups, and contribute to some community. Maybe you want to see my stuff.

About this site

The engine and hosting of this site changes from time to time, but mostly the articles written using Markdown. The first version use Blogspot, though I quickly changed to WordPress and TextPattern. Recently I try Ghost Blogging Platform, a blogging platform written with NodeJS and Postleaf (similar like Ghost but written in PHP). But now, back to WordPress again.

I write about anything that comes to mind, but not all of it makes it here. Feel free to comment. Any comment that is not a spam will be accepted. I hope I can give my share of knowledge back to the community.

Curriculum Vitae

``` { name: 'Aris Ripandi', email: 'arisguma [at] protonmail [dot] com', twitter: '@arisguma, github: 'github.com/sudorama', home: 'Sukabumi, Indonesia', phone: 'mail me', age: 'ask me', study: { school: 'SMK Teknologi Plus Padjadjaran Sukabumi', college: [ 'STMIK PASIM Sukabumi', 'Budi Luhur University' ] }, married: true, skills: { programming: ['php', 'vbnet', 'csharp', 'python', 'shell', lazarus'], database: ['mysql', 'mariadb', 'postgresql', 'sqlserver', 'sqlite'], others: ['html', 'css', 'photoshop'], machine: ['Axioo', 'Asus', 'Lenovo', 'Dell'], os: ['Fedora', 'Debian', 'Ubuntu', 'FreeBSD', 'Windows 10', 'Android'] }, occupations: [ 'System Administrator', 'Freelance Web Application Developer', 'Lecturer' ] }```
##### *Last updated: 27 Dec 2017*