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Kelly Vaughn

Frontend Developer

Atlanta, GA

Kelly Vaughn is a frontend developer and founder of The Taproom, a Shopify Plus agency rooted in Atlanta. Kelly and her team have helped hundreds of Shopify merchants build successful marketing strategies; map out customer journeys that convert; and provide the insight, experience, and tools businesses need to keep growing.

She's passionate about all things entrepreneurship. Since building her first website for a client project at the young age of 14, she has built up a strong customer base over the past 15 years and grew her solo freelance business from a team of one to an always-profitable team of ten in just one year.

When she's not coding or co-hosting the Insomnia Story, you can find her launching new products on her own developer merch Shopify store, traveling the world with her husband, and sampling all the wine and whiskey she can get her hands on.

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Emma Bostian

Software Engineer

Karlsruhe, Germany

Emma is a Software Engineer at LogMeIn in Karlsruhe, Germany. Born and raised in Upstate New York, Emma graduated from Siena College in Albany with a B.S. in Computer Science and moved to Austin, Texas for three years where she worked as an engineer at IBM.

Currently Emma is focused on building a design system at LogMeIn and has a multitude of side projects. She founded an open source project, Coding Coach in September of 2018, is a Frontend Masters instructor, Egghead.io instructor, teaches at Lynda.com, and much much more!

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Ali Spittel

Software Engineer

Digital Nomad

Ali teaches people to code. She is a Distinguished Faculty member at General Assembly teaching their Software Engineering Immersive for campus, online, and enterprise programs. She has also taught their Python part-time class, and is part of their Python Product Advisory Board.

She has also been a software engineer and developer advocate. She also blogs about the things she wished she knew when she was learning to code. Her blog posts have been read well over a million times. She also speaks and gives workshops at conferences all over the world.

When she's not coding, you can find her watching trashy tv shows, running with her dog Blair, or rock climbing. She's a digital nomad, and lives in a new city pretty much every month.

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